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November 19, 2013
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CH: Alexis Gallaghar by Neririn CH: Alexis Gallaghar by Neririn

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Feel free to drop a comment if you would like to RP! I'm always up for RPs : ) 
Although it might take me some time to reply sometimes.


♠ NAME:  Alexis Gallaghar

♠ AGE:  21

♠ HEIGHT: 6ft 3in. / 191 cm

♠ FACTION:  Spades

♠ ROLE:  The Blue Mercenary

♠ WEAPON:  Halberd

+ Superior combat abilities (he's trained)
+ Charm (Deception)
+ Endurance

+ Money:  Who doesn't?
+ Work:  He likes to get things done.
+ Piano Melodies:  His mother played it often to entertain and cheer him up as a child
+ Nobility:  Usually his rich hos clients; just people with money. Even if they're from Hearts.
+ Small animals: Especially the obedient ones. Unlike citizens, they do not complain or whine about pitiful things.

- Most children: Often, because they cause him trouble
- A certain group of nobles from Hearts:  They are responsible for his parent's demise and he believes that they are all rotten and selfish deep down.
- Blood: Doesn't enjoy the stench of blood very much.
- Trains:  Reminder of the accident that destroyed his parent's clocks
- Snow: Too cold.

+ Close range combat
+ Physical strength
+ Level-headed in most situations

- Low speed / mobility due to his hefty weapon
- Pride & Arrogance
- Mistrusting & Suspicious of most people he meets and lacks genuine loyalty

+ Reliable: but only for the people he trusts (not many lol)
+ Practical: not easily swayed by emotions
+ "Hard-shell, soft core"...sort of
+ When in a light mood, somewhat playful--likes to tease.

- Aloof: Acts friendly towards people but he won't become very emotionally involved
- Two-faced / Deceptive:  Acts very kindly and courteous to his clients or anyone important & useful.
- Sarcastic: Jeers at enemies and chaffs at friends
- Irritable when near obnoxious children and/or whiny women (please keep them away)

Alexis's parents were formerly nobles from the Hearts Faction. They were both hardworking aristocrats who were rapidly rising in ranks within the Heart Faction. Fearful of being overtaken by these two new and "fresh" nobles, the corrupted "senior"nobles conspired together and framed them for a heinous crime they did not commit, causing them great loss in wealth and reputation. In shame and disgust, these two exited the Hearts faction and became part of Spades. 

Alexis was born in the Spades faction, oblivious to his true heritage until his late childhood when the tragic "accident". A conspired train accident caused the demise several nobles, aristocrats and other passengers--which included both his parents. Because the accident was so severe, the bodies of the citizens along with their clockhearts were crushed and burned beyond repair.  It was rumored that the accident was caused by several conspirers, however, none of them were ever caught because none were found guilty by Wonderland's laws.  After losing his parents, and heartbroken, he was sent to a nameless orphanage to live out the rest of his lonely and miserable life.  However, fate had other plans in stored for him. 

Not long after the tragedy, a mysterious man visited the orphanage and adopted him. The mystery man revealed himself as Evans, his father's "business partner" and an old friend. Acting on his parent's wish, the man took young orphan into his care and disclosed the history of Alexis's heritage--his parent's lives before entering Spades and their downfall--and later, the "business" that Alexis's father was involved during their lives in the Spades faction.  Evans further explained that the main focus of their "business group" involved sabotaging and revolting against the treacherous group of corrupted nobles and aristocrats of the Hearts faction.  The crime syndicate involved many citizens who had similar backgrounds, people of power, wealth and prestige, who were later betrayed by the members of their own faction--including Evans.  The young boy, after learning all of this, trembled with fear and shock, but at the same time, his heart burned with anger and yearned for vengeance. To Evans's delight, the boy begged him in hopes of becoming part of this syndicate and someday bring judgement and vengeance upon their enemies.

From then on, he worked and trained rigorously.  Being part of the syndicate was not an easy job nor was it safe, but Alexis managed to pull through and eventually gained himself a role as a mercenary and a reputation as a fearsome man. 

♠ OPINIONS ON ALICE:  Though he's never actually met Alice, he does harbor a fascination for her because she is an "Outsider"--a very special existence in Wonderland. He isn't sure what kind of powers Alice possess but believes that she must be a very powerful being to have most of Wonderland respect her--even those pompous nobles...

+ Doesn't have many friends (not sure if that was obvious or not LOL)
+ He hates people who make a fuss over small things and over-react.
+ Likes jasmine tea.
+ Generally, he dislikes Heart faction members, but he knows to distinguish the good from the bad.

+ Elias/ Eli (Diamonds):  One of the few individuals who he consider a friend--very hospitable and makes great food
+ Cloize (Spades): quiet but still a cheeky brat; has potential in combat
+ Sir Luther Axus (Hearts): a rather friendly but somewhat clueless earl he's encountered on several occasions--doesn't seem dangerous
+ London (Hearts): one of those annoying knights of some sort from Hearts; short and clumsy
+ Evans (NPC): his guardian--strict, but a respectable man; one of the few people Alexis trusts; he's learned many things from this man

art & character © Neririn
Clockhearts & app template © tooaya

Holy shit, two miracles in one reign.
Info has been re-written because everything on the old app sounds super retarded.
This one isn't much better but it's less embarrassing... I guess dsoijfea

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